• What to Do After a Fire at Your Home or Business

    It’s not unusual to have a fear of fire and what might happen after a destructive fire occurs at your home or business. Your immediate thoughts on the matter might have something to do with ensuring your family is safe after a home fire or that your employees and customers are safe after a fire at your business.

    However, once the fire no longer burns, there are some important steps to take to ensure the future safety of your family or employees, as well as to minimize the further damage the fire’s aftermath could cause.

    Here’s what to do after a fire.

    Step One: Ensure the Site is Secure

    Holes in the structure, broken glass, and other openings created by the fire may allow thieves to take advantage of the damage, as well as further damage to occur if a rain storm passes through in the days after the fire occurred.

    Your damage restoration specialist can assist with securing the site by covering various areas with tarps to prevent bad weather from entering the structure. If the structure is deemed safe for you to enter, you may also wish to remove valuables from your home or sensitive information from your business.

    Step Two: Inspect the Building’s Systems and the Structure

    Fires not only blacken walls and break windows, but they also melt wiring and damage vital systems in the home. Not only should you have the house inspected for structural damage, but you should also have various appliances and systems in the home inspected. You don’t want to experience another fire because of an electrical problem.

    Tip: Don’t try to refreeze or refrigerate food that was in the refrigerator or freezer. Food that is frozen and thawed repeatedly can become dangerous for human consumption.

    Step Three: Figure Out Whether You Must Find Alternative Accommodations

    The severity of the fire may not require you to move out of your home, and you might be able to live in the house even though a significant fire caused significant damage in the kitchen. However, if the home or business is deemed unsafe, you may need to find alternative accommodations until your damage restoration team can complete its task.

    Two things can reduce the stress you feel when you must stay away from home or away from your business. First, your insurance policy might provide funds for staying in a hotel or for renting an alternative space. Second, working with an experienced damage restoration company can reduce the amount of time you must spend away since a knowledgeable company can complete their work swiftly and effectively.

    Omniqor Damage Restoration Can Help After a Fire

    From kitchen fires to five-alarm blazes, our expertise in fire damage restoration comes from thirty years of dedication and experience in restoring the homes and businesses of Dallas, Fort Worth, and North Texas. We know how devastating a fire can feel, and we utilize state-of-the-art equipment to provide efficient damage restoration services. Contact us today to learn how we can help you recover from fire damage in your home or at your commercial building.